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Welcome to the world of signs, here is the website
I M A S I G N E........ IMASIGNE

What is the purpose of IMASIGNE?

IMASIGNE® is the new place where you can offer your creations and products:
designs, logos, photographs,
videos, paintings, sculptures, etc… whose creation finds its origin in sign language.

See your hands differently by "imagining".

All these artistic creations are unveiled by our start-up IMASIGNE®.

Discover this new site where a multitude of hands and IMASIGNE® make you discover committed works imprinted with a
idealized humanism.

In constant reference to sign languages
and their great cultural value, IMASIGNE suggests reflections, via art,
on the relationship between the artist, society and the place of signed languages compared to spoken ones.

History, culture, identity, communication are
very little present in the form of the visual arts, in particular plastic and graphic arts.

IMASIGNE® supports distribution and promotion
the creation of artists and creators with a rich linguistic and cultural culture linked to sign languages.

IMASIGNE® has created its site to showcase all their extraordinary works and derivative art products, but also so that you can be surprised to "imasign", seeing your own hands with another eye.