Deaf Flag

This international flag is the hope to represent the sign languages ​​of the world.

It revalorizes them, far from the prejudices and norms of disability (audism, ableism, phonocentrism, etc.)

Arnaud Balard's desire is for this standard to be a symbol of pride that welcomes the diversity of speakers such as the deaf (all profiles combined), the "hearing", etc. in a spirit of unity and solidarity.

The 3 colors that make up the design of the flag are representative of conscience and fraternity (Deafhood) through dark blue.
Of the pride and linguistic power of the signs by the turquoise hand, and of illumination and hope for the second yellow hand.

This flag brings together the qualities of excellence in vexillology: simplicity, ease of use, rapid recognition, symbolism, all in a great geometric and graphic impact.

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